A resounding cry from you, true believers, calls for an update. Ask and always receive!

Please be sure to grab a Bind 7″ if interested, as they are close to being sold out and will not be repressed! You can nab one of the last remaining copies at Steelworker Records in Tampa, FL. They now carry any and all in-press Plead Your Case Records releases, as well as a couple of Drawing Last Breath LP’s!


Speaking of which, the Onslaught Compilation 7″ is shipping now! We appreciate your patience as we worked through some difficulties with the pressing. That being said, it was well worth the wait, as the finished product turned out stupendous as anticipated. Purchase one here and consider it on the way!


Looking a bit more into the future, Plead Your Case will have a table at the upcoming FYA Fest, featuring several PYC bands, family & friends


Most importantly, the Magnitude “Era of Attrition” 7″ is slated to be available at the fest. Their debut vinyl effort, NC’s Mag is guaranteed to leave their mark on FYA with both their live performance and this release, which should prove to serve as another milestone in straight edge hardcore for their scene and beyond.

Thanks for reading, and see you at Edge Day ’17 in South Florida!

PYC Summer 2017 Update

Hey everybody, got alot going on here at Plead Your Case HQ so let’s get right into it!

PYC-010: The Onslaught Compilation has been sent off to the plant! South Florida’s own Sandman, xElegyx, Castyoudown, and Drawing Last Breath have all contributed a new/exclusive track for this awesome 7″ comp. Pre-orders/Streaming for that will be coming along soon so keep an eye out!

PYC-011: Magnitude Demo tapes will be available at their first show at the end of this month in North Carolina with xElegyx, Invoke, Skourge, Time Walk, and Kept In Line. This lineup is absolutely insane so if you live in the Southeast/within a reasonable distance, you should make sure to ride out to the gig.


PYC-012: New material from SANDMAN, is written, and will be recorded very soon. Keep on the look out for more details on that release, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be coming out before the end of the year.

As for the rest of the Plead Your Case crew… Invoke is currently playing shows and working on new material which I’m sure will be badass. Bind is taking some time off after their first tour out to the west coast to work on what will hopefully become their first LP. Firm Standing Law are doing their thing and playing lots of cool shows over the pond in the U.K. and maybe… just maybe… they’ll be coming over here soon for some U.S. shows…


Whats up everybody, lot’s of stuff going on here at the PYC camp, so let’s get down to business with the update:

We’d like to announce the addition of two new bands to the Plead Your Case roster:

magnitude flyer

First up, we’ve got Sandman from South Florida joining the crew. They’ll have a song featured on The Onslaught Comp coming this summer, and a new 7″ in the coming months after that. In the meantime, check out their demo that came out on Arduous Path Records if you’re a fan of Kickback, Congress, Confusion, etc.

Second, we’re super excited to welcome North Carolina’s own Magnitude to the label. Their demo tape will be available soon, and if you’re a fan of Strain, Chokehold or early Trial, you’ll absolutely love it. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that, and maybe even a new release from them in the future…

If you live on the west coast, be sure to catch Bind on tour as they head out to California for the first time!


Firm Standing Law 7″s should be back from the plant in the coming weeks, and pre-orders will ship shortly after! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, what are you waiting for?

The bands featured on THE ONSLAUGHT 7″ compilation are all hitting the studio this month, so expect updates on the record very soon.

Thats all for now, peace!

PYC Update 1

What’s up everybody? Welcome to the new Plead Your Case HQ! With PYC up to 9 releases and a 10th in the works, we decided it was time to get a website going! On to business…

PYC-009, Firm Standing Law – Unashamed 7” is up for preorder/streaming now. UKHC at it’s finest, listen to the record and grab a copy now!

PYC-010, THE ONSLAUGHT COMPILATION 7” is coming soon! New tracks from South Florida’s own Drawing Last Breath, xElegyx, Sandman, and Castyoudown! Maybe even a little bonus surprise in the equation someplace…

Bind is heading out on their first west coast tour soon, and we’ll post a little reminder with more detail for you Californians soon on here. Bind & Invoke 7”s are available for sale on the webstore now along with some new posters!


The “zines” section of the website will be updated over the coming weeks with PDFs of all the back issues of the zine!

Thanks for checking in true believers! Keep an eye out here and on our twitter for updates concerning the label and our bands, we’ve got lots in store for ya.

Lennon, Luke, Garrett & Mikey
Plead Your Case Records