Hey everybody, got alot going on here at Plead Your Case HQ so let’s get right into it!

PYC-010: The Onslaught Compilation has been sent off to the plant! South Florida’s own Sandman, xElegyx, Castyoudown, and Drawing Last Breath have all contributed a new/exclusive track for this awesome 7″ comp. Pre-orders/Streaming for that will be coming along soon so keep an eye out!

PYC-011: Magnitude Demo tapes will be available at their first show at the end of this month in North Carolina with xElegyx, Invoke, Skourge, Time Walk, and Kept In Line. This lineup is absolutely insane so if you live in the Southeast/within a reasonable distance, you should make sure to ride out to the gig.


PYC-012: New material from SANDMAN, is written, and will be recorded very soon. Keep on the look out for more details on that release, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be coming out before the end of the year.

As for the rest of the Plead Your Case crew… Invoke is currently playing shows and working on new material which I’m sure will be badass. Bind is taking some time off after their first tour out to the west coast to work on what will hopefully become their first LP. Firm Standing Law are doing their thing and playing lots of cool shows over the pond in the U.K. and maybe… just maybe… they’ll be coming over here soon for some U.S. shows…