PYC 2018 WRAP-UP & 2019 NEWS

2018 was an unforgettable year for Plead Your Case Records. Seed Of Pain and Point Of Contact did a few shows in the southeast, alumni Magnitude had a summer tour with Ecostrike, and new releases of all formats were seen between the Envision demo, Seed Of Pain CD, and long-awaited Search For Purpose LP.


All Search For Purpose pre-orders have shipped and should have arrived now. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we got these pressed and perfected. If you didn’t mail order a copy, there’s still a chance to pick one up through our web store here.

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Thanks to everyone who came to FYA Fest and checked out the Plead Your Case line-up of bands showcased. Point Of Contact, the newest addition to the label, debuted both tracks from “Still Loyal To Our Scene” which previews two songs from the full length release to come later on in the year. Cassette copies of this release are available locally to members of the scene now.


To bring in 2019 right, Envision just finished up an East Coast tour with Restraining Order, starting at FYA Fest in Ybor City, which lasted for a week and ended in Boston.

Finally, new releases from Construct and Mourning are in the works. If you haven’t already been introduced to these bands, take a moment and explore their current releases:

construct – In Shadows
Mourning – Reh. Demo/Demo Compilation

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All live photos in this update were taken by Jeff Lasich/Start Today Fanzine. The Point Of Contact poster photos were taken by Mitch Wilbush. Thanks to both, and thanks to you, reader, for your support – the next show you can catch us all at will be in Jacksonville in February. Come support!

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