PYC ISSUE #1 (DECEMBER 2012) Shit Luck, Worn Out, Brainwreck, Forbidden Sight

PYC ISSUE #2 (MARCH 2013) Out Of Time, Homestretch, Disapproval

PYC ISSUE #3 (AUGUST 2013) Beware, Foreseen

PYC ISSUE #4 (FEB 2014) Modern Pain, Axis, Florida Hardcore Update

PYC ISSUE #5 (APRIL 2014) Heavy Chains, Break Away, Counter, Blistered/Will To Die tour journal

PYC ISSUE #6 (JULY 2014) Code Orange, Unified Right, Criminally Underrated: Tension, Criminally Underrated: From The Dying Sky

PYC ISSUE #7 (SEPTEMBER 2014) Forced Order, Discourse, Blistered/Cross Me tour journal, Criminally Underrated: Mehkago N.T., Criminally Underrated: Convicted

PYC ISSUE #8 (OCTOBER 2014) No Justice, Crisis Unit, Renounced, Punishment Due, Criminally Underrated: Arma Angelus

PYC ISSUE #9 (NOVEMBER 2014) Drown, Day By Day, Wish List: Exact Change Radio, Criminally Underrated: Jailbreak

PYC ISSUE #10 (JANUARY 2015) Protester, Free At Last, Society Abuse, Sick of Talk

PYC ISSUE #11 (FEBRUARY 2015) True Love, Old Wounds, Head Creeps, Timebomb

PYC ISSUE #12 (MARCH 2015) Backtrack, X Repentance X, Put It Aside, Digress

PYC ISSUE #13 (APRIL 2015) Culture, Left For Dead, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Enchant

PYC ISSUE #14 (AUGUST 2015) Foundation, Twitching Tongues, Homewrecker, SPM

PYC ISSUE #15 (OCTOBER 2015) Chokehold, Prayer For Cleansing, Spine, Deflect

Giant Size Plead Your Case #1 (January 2016) Detain, Red Death, Chokehold, Truth’s Last Horizon, Take Offense, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Damnation AD, Bind